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Welcome to Millennials to Members! In this course you will learn several strategies for growing membership among younger generations.
The Millennial generation is unlike any other generation, in that they have never known life without technology, they are the most debt-ridden, diverse, and supervised generation in history, and they have always been rewarded for participation and not achievement. This generation is the first generation of the Post-Industrial Era and the largest generation in history.

Needless to say, the Millennials are a changed generation. They will want to engage in your association in new and different ways, and they offer more opportunity for growth than any generation that has come before them.

So, let's get started on this journey towards more relevance, more members, and more impact! You'll find your Membership Building Plan Toolkit and Course Roadmap below, as well as a video explaining the course in greater detail.

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Independent Study $419

The Independent Study option gives you 6-month’s access to the course and the Membership-Building Plan workbook. It’s everything you need to start planning for your association’s membership growth and future success. Eligible for 18 CAE credits. Receive a Next Generation Association Executive certificate upon course completion.

Group Study $309 (2-15 People)(Note: First Person of Group $419)

The Group Study option is ideal for a group of staff, board, or volunteers seeking to collaborate on the development of a future-focused membership strategy. Each member will have 6-month’s access to the course and receive the Membership-Building Plan workbook. In addition, the group will have access to two hours of consulting with one of the course authors, Sarah Sladek or Laura Goodrich. Eligible for 18 CAE credits. Receive a Next Generation Association certificate upon course completion.

For the Group Study option or to receive special pricing for groups larger than 15 people,

please contact Brad at 612.709.7988 or [email protected]

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